Micky Ogburn hit the ground running as our school board member.  Her experience as a teacher in Henrico County Schools, a leader in our PTAs and a parent of two HCPS graduates are invaluable.  Join me in supporting Micky for School Board.  She makes sure our school system remains one of the best in the country.

Jerry Kilgore

former Attorney General of Virginia

former Secretary of Public Safety

I doubt that you will find anyone more committed to or more experienced with public education in  Henrico County.

Hon. Ralph L. "Bill" Axselle, Jr.

Former member, Virginia House of Delegates

representing Henrico County


Ms. Ogburn was the PRIME Teacher during my time at Short Pump Elementary as Interim Principal. She had a child-centric focus which instilled confidence in her pupils. Micky makes an excellent school board member in Henrico. She will look out for our children's future and keep our schools headed in the right direction!                                                                    

Les Stanley, Henrico Co. Principal


[Micky]  will give her all to this position, put others before herself, be fair in her decisions, and understand the impact of her position.  Micky has the experience to understand the needs, goals, and challenges of everyone involved in each decision she has to make.  Teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students all have different points of view they bring to the table, but all with the same ultimate goal: giving our youth the very best education possible.  That is, without a doubt in my mind,  exactly the single minded goal of Micky."

Andrew M. Condlin 

Attorney, roth doner jackson gibbons condlin, plc


I taught preschool with Micky for three years and always found her to be efficient in her planning and organized in her preparation.  Both her students and their parents loved being in her class because of these qualities.  These traits are great for a member of the school board, too.  Micky has seen our Henrico County schools from different angles, both as a teacher and a parent.  I trust her to help guide our school board into making wise decisions, for the students, their parents and our teachers.  I will vote for Micky in November!
                                                Judy Royston, teacher

I had the pleasure of knowing Micky and seeing her great work through the many years that our sons moved through Henrico County Public Schools. She is wonderful to work with, politically savvy, and always dedicated to what is right, fair and ethical. I sincerely hope that Henrico has the pleasure and good fortune to reap the rewards of Micky’s service to the School Board.

 Martha Meade, HCPS parent


We have worked together in a volunteering capacity both at Short Pump Elementary School and on the Windsor Place Homeowners Association. You would be hard pressed to find another individual who is more civic-minded than Micky Ogburn. Beyond her experience and expertise in education, Micky brings two very important components to the table - honesty and compassion. Two qualities, in my opinion, that are so important and hard to sustain when dealing with politics. They are also ever so important when dealing with children.

Madelyn Dantona, HCPS Parent and PTA Volunteer

Micky’s servant leadership is inspiring, invaluable, and deeply appreciated by all those of the Short Pump community who have had the benefit of knowing and working with her.   Whether @ school, in the neighborhood, or as part of wider community initiatives,  her energy is boundless, her organization is outstanding, and her follow-up is exceptional. 

Frank Ridgeway

HCPS Parent and Sports Booster Volunteer

I am truly amazed by your wonderful determination and dedication to hopefully secure a spot on Henrico's School Board..thank you so very much! You are an inspiration, Micky

Debbie Hopper, HCPS teacher


I highly recommend Micky Ogburn as the next Three Chopt School Board representative.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Micky for the last 10 plus years.  Our boys went through Pocahontas and Deep Run High School together.  Micky was always involved in most everything that happened at school and recruited me to help on several on many occasions, which I greatly appreciated.  Having experience as a teacher,  a mother with children who attended HCPS schools, and her countless volunteer activities make her the perfect candidate!

                            Sandra Saunders, HCPS parent

I felt moved to express my support of Micky Ogburn whom I have known for approximately 18 years now.  She has always been the voice of reason and a pillar of integrity in our community.  There is not a volunteer task or committee that Micky Ogburn has not held since my knowing her.  More importantly, there is not a task or committee that Micky Ogburn has been involved with that has not been a resounding success.  Her accomplishments are many.  Among the most memorable include:
·      Short Pump Elementary Fall Festival co-founder
·      Short Pump Middle School Fundraising committee chair
·      Tuckahoe Little League Auction co-chair
·      Founder for the Pocahontas Middle School PTSA
·      Western Wildcats Youth Football Association fundraising chair
·      Godwin High School Sports Booster and Baccalaureate committee volunteer
·      Long time Windsor Place West Homeowner’s Association board member (and county liaison for the West Broad Village project!)
Micky Ogburn is a leader, team player, consensus builder, and advocate.  Her integrity is beyond reproach. These qualities combined with her 20 years of experience as a teacher, a lifelong commitment to volunteerism, 10+ years on the Windsor Place Home Owner’s Association Board, experience as Henrico County Government Liaison, and proud parent of two Henrico County Public School graduates make Micky Ogburn well qualified to be the  Henrico County School Board member representing the Three Chopt District.
— Elizabeth Wong, HCPS Parent

This election is not a Republian or Democrat thing. This is a Micky Ogburn thing. She has been a teacher for over 20 years, most recently as an elementary school intervention teacher. She has served on elementary, middle and high school PTA boards and obviously has had the experience as a parent of putting her kids through our public school system. She has common sense and no special agenda. What she does have is the experience from all sides - parent, teacher, and PTA member - to consider the weighty issues that come the Board's way."

Betsy Beamer

former Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth

"I have known Micky for over 15 years as a neighbor, colleague and friend. As a practicing teacher in Henrico, Micky is all too familiar with the challenges and opportunities faced by our educators, administrators, students and parents alike. Her hands on approach, hard work ethic and positive personality are all key attributes that benefit the Henrico community in general and the School Board in particular. I can think of no better advocate and representative of our children's future education than Micky Ogburn." 
                                        Chris Herbert 
First Grade Teacher, Henrico County

 Friends in the Three Chopt District, please consider voting for someone who knows the challenges of being in a classroom and understands what it is like to teach. Vote for Micky Moore Ogburn for School Board!

Jill Garcia, Music Teacher

As a ten year resident of Henrico, past President of the Short Pump Elementary PTA, member of the Three Chopt ES PTA, and member of the Henrico County Council of PTAs, I have had the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Ogburn in action both at Short Pump ES and in the community.  I whole-heartedly support Micky Ogburn for School Board. She has a proven track record as teacher, parent, and member of the Parent Teacher Association for decades, attending school board meetings to cheer, and advocate for our children LONG before her bid to join the School Board. She is a thoughtful, fair and well-organized leader, partner, and advocate for doing the right thing for the community and our children.  Micky Is a by the bylaws kind of leader and cares about what is best for all the children of HCPS.  I hold her in the highest regard!     

Jenny Christensen

HCPS  parent and PTA Volunteer


The advertising executive David Ogilvy published a list of qualities that a creative leader should have:

A high standard of personal ethics

Guts under pressure

A capacity for hard work and midnight oil

Charm and persuasiveness

The courage to make tough decisions

Inspiring enthusiasm

A sense of humor

Micky Ogburn has all of these attributes, as well as an important addition. She is well versed in the Henrico County School system through her roles as parent, volunteer, and teacher, and is motivated solely by her desire to assist the children in our community. She is a person you will be happy to work with and will be thankful to have in your camp.

Catherine O'Neill, parent and HCPS PTA Volunteer

Mrs. Ogburn impresses me with her high level of initiative, drive and creativity. Her community involvement and volunteerism is tireless. She possesses a sound intellectual ability with unique ideas for insuring teacher and student success. As a parent she has raised two successful sons and I can state quite confidently that she understands the challenges of today’s parents, schools and the work of the administration and school boards in serving and preparing our youth for the challenges of tomorrow.

Richard Cornwell

Please consider voting for Micky Moore Ogburn a dedicated child advocate with a passion for education.
— Mary Ann Walker, retired HCPS employee
Over the years, I’ve recognized the following about Micky Ogburn: She’s very dedicated to her commitments, whether it’s presiding over her Home Owners Association or assisting to improve my son’s academic skills.  Micky’s very easy to approach with an open mind.
— Mike Friedman, Chief Engineer WKHK | WKLR | WHTI | WURVSummitMedia - Richmond
My children have attended Henrico County schools since 1994, and I have been involved in PTA’s in all of their schools on the boards and various volunteer positions. (Shady Grove, Short Pump, Deep Run) On the Deep Run HS board, I met Micky Ogburn. She was one of the most well informed, organized and efficient people I have met. She was always willing to do go the extra mile and help whenever she could. I think she would be a definite asset to the Board.
— Judianne Reynolds HCPS Parent and PTA Volunteer

Micky’s background working in the school system and in leadership roles in PTA's and our HOA gives her both an understanding of the internal workings of the school system as well as the issues important to constituents. She has demonstrated her leadership skills and commitment to the school system through her many years of volunteer service.

As a homeowner in her neighborhood, and also as a professional involved in land use and development, I saw Micky navigate the thorny issues related to the development of the West Broad Village mixed use center in Short Pump. Her ability to collaborate with other nearby neighborhoods, the development company, and the county, with diplomacy won her the respect of all.

Lori Hatcher

“I have known Micky both personally and professionally. Professionally, Micky is hard-working, get to the point, get it completed and move on person. Children and their success is very important to Micky. She sticks to what she believes in to its fruition. Personally, Micky is always a great sounding board and friend.”
— Sally T. Cary, HCPS gifted and Intervention teacher